Race Week!!!

Last week of taper

  • Two or three short, easy runs. Take two fo the last three days off- run easy 2-3 miles on one.
  • Decide whether or not to run with a pace group. Good to start with one to hold your pace in check. Don’t go out too fast!
  • Plan 2-3 race clothing options that you have tested for different weather conditions. Don’t check weather until Friday- choose race clothing
  • Nothing new on race day. This includes: clothing, shoes, socks, nutrition (pre-run and during run)

Nerves and doubt

  • Stay off social media- People go crazy with “taper madness” posts. Don’t get caught up in this.
  • Don’t constantly check the weather.
  • Trust your training. Confidence conquers fear. Believe in yourself.


  • All your training is in place. Extra miles won’t help.


  • Plan foods for night before and morning of the race.
  • Be diligent about good nutrition all week.
  • Nothing new! Keep foods simple the last couple of days.


  • If you go Saturday, don’t stay long. Get off your feet.

Plan out race morning ahead of time!

  • When to get up. 
  • What to eat. 
  • When to leave. 
  • Have 2-3 parking options.


  • Check final weather forecast.
  • Select final clothing option- lay out and pin bib, body glide!
  • What to take- hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, gels, belt, toss away layer/disposable poncho for corral
  • Pack bag to check for finish line- shirt, sandals, jacket.
  • Charge GPS.
  • Communicate with family and friends- where will they be cheering?

Plan your race

  • Realistic goals- weather (respect the heat!), evaluate training
  • Have a mantra. 
  • Break course into small segments- especially last few miles. 
  • Stay in the moment. 
  • Mentally prepare for final miles alone. Small goals.
Three goals: perfect day, not so perfect day, it’s just not my day- be happy with any one!


  • Eat- protein, good carbs, hydrate the next 24 hours, rest- take a few days off
  • Reverse taper over 2-3 weeks back to baseline mileage. 
  • Celebrate!!

Finish line photo- Look up and look happy!!

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