Etiquette and Safety

Below are some basic guidelines to adhere to if you are running along a path, trail or on the road as well as some race etiquette and safety tips.

On the path, trail or road:

  • Always stay to the right unless you are passing someone
  • Be very careful merging left into a passing lane
  • Never run more than two abreast when you are with a group; do not force other runners, pedestrians or cyclists off of the path
  • Never litter
  • Be considerate of those around you and remember that others may be using the same path, trail or road that you are
  • Wait for traffic signals to change before crossing the street.
  • When no sidewalk is available, run against traffic.

At a race:

  • Do not run in a race if you are not officially registered; it can take away from the resources of paid participants, create unnecessary traffic and pose insurance risks
  • Line up according to the pace you plan to run. If you are a slower runner, that's OK, just don’t stand right in the front of the pack
  • Follow the instructions of course marshals
  • Use caution and control approaching the finish line; don’t cut off other runners and don’t stop suddenly right after crossing the finish line

Safety tips:

  • Runners should wear head lamps and reflective gear when running at night
  • Always hydrate and eat before and after a workout
  • Snag a running buddy for safety and company
  • Please review our event waiver and release prior to RSVP'ing for a training run or event
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