Steel City Road Runners Track Tuesday/ Liberty Mile Time Trial

  • 06 Sep 2016
  • 6:30 PM
  • Various Locations


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Join the Steel City Road Runners for Track Tuesday!  We will offer four locations for this run.

 Liberty Mile Time Trials 

will be held this week at

Schenley Park Oval Track

Regularly scheduled workouts will be available at the time trial locations as well as

South- South Park Oval

North Hills- North Hills Martorelli Stadium

West- RMU Sports Complex

Check-in and warm-up will begin at 6:15 PM at the various locations.  The workout will start at 6:30 PM.

Workout: Sharpener

With lots of races around the corner it's time to sharpen things up!

Sets of 200, 400, 600. Pace: goal 5k pace minus 10 (e.g. 21:42 5k = 7min/mile - 10 = 6:50/mile = 51s per 200m). Recovery 30s per 200 (30, 60, 90 for the set).

10% rule for number of repeats as usual with a max of 5 sets.

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For more information about the Liberty Mile or to register please click here

All runners are welcome

Please see the coach on site if you need an alternate workout

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