SCRR is all about its runners and we want to share THEIR stories. Check out some amazing club member stories below:

Click here to watch a video of Dean Crumy's experience.

“The name can be intimidating, I understand. Conjures up images of fit people in short shorts running like gazelles across our picturesque city. That’s not me. I’m the girl with the red face, sweat dripping, thankful for the red light so I can catch my breath! I don’t consider myself a runner, more of a jogger/walker. I AM a Steel City Road Runner.”
-Jess Sutton

"I have made many new friends and learned the fundamentals of running, racing and pushing myself to the next level. SCRR gives you that community of support and encouragement for every training run, marathon, or that new PR you are striving for!"
-Derek Phillips

"I started running at 230 pounds and while it took a lot of courage to get started I wouldn't have been able to keep at it without the help of the friends and mentors I've found at SCRR. It's hard to run alone all the time. With Steel City I've found a group that has welcomed and supported me at my pace and helped me reach my goals. Once upon a time I said I'd only ever run if I was being chased - now I run to enjoy the camaraderie and the sense of accomplishment."
-Shannon Lewis

"I currently cannot run due to an injury. The group members have been so supportive and I still join the group for post run activities such as breakfast, dinner and happy hours. The friends that I have made through the club have supported me through this time of injury by joining me for walks and yoga classes while I recover. I help by volunteering at runs and cheering at races. Love this group and will do anything!"
-Astrid Arroyo

"It has been an honor for me to run with the club over the past couple years. I started running to work off some stress and lose a few pounds and have gained many friends that motivate each other to succeed and encourage us to "keep going". One of my favorite memories this year was being the  13:00 minute pacer for the EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler. It was the longest race for many of the participants in our group and being able to cheer them on to the finish was priceless!"
-Shelly McGonigal

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