Galloway Run Walk Run Method

Run Walk Run - The Proven Method by Jeff Galloway

The Galloway Run Walk Run Method utilizes a run-walk-run method invented by Jeff Galloway, American Olympian, author, coach, avid runner and motivational speaker.

Philosophically, Jeff believes that we were all designed to run and walk, and he keeps finding ways to bring more people into the positive world of exercise.

Galloway Run Walk Run Method is open to anyone who is interested in fulfilling a lifetime goal: to run a marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K, 10 miler or just get started. Pace groups are set up to ensure a comfortable and safe training pace for every ability. If you're not certain about whether to join, come with us for a free test run.

Principles behind Run Walk Run:

  • Continuous use of a muscle will result in quicker fatigue
  • The longer the run segment, the more fatigue
  • Run Walk Run is a form of interval training
  • Conservation of resources
  • Quicker recovery
  • Less stress on the “weak links”
  • Ability to enjoy endorphins
  • Reduce core body temperature

    The Galloway Run Walk Run Method:

    • A smart way to run – by giving you cognitive control over each workout
    • Allows you to carry on all of your life activities – even after long runs
    • Motivates beginners to get off of the couch and run
    • Bestows running joy to non-stop runners who had given up
    • Helps improve finish times in all races
    • Gives all runners control over fatigue
    • Delivers all of the running enhancements without exhaustion or pain

      All Galloway full and half program participants receive the following:

      • Custom training plan
      • Weekly training emails
      • Dedicated mentor to run/pace
      • Galloway technical shirt
      • Jeff Galloway’s best-selling e-book
      • Access to a private P3R Galloway Facebook page
      • 10% discount on Pittsburgh Full/Half Marathon registration (not retroactive)

        • 2020 Full Marathon Galloway Training Program (11/9/19 – 5/16/2020)
          • New Member/1st year                                            $149
          • Galloway training program alumni/2nd year             $99
          • Galloway training program alumni of 3+ years          $59

        • 2020 Half Marathon Galloway Training Program (1/25/20 – 5/16/20)
          • New Member/1st year                                            $95
          • Galloway training program alumni/2nd year             $75
          • Galloway training program alumni of 3+ years          $59


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