Race Day Shoes and Clothing
The Final Long Run: 
The Dress Rehearsal

Race day shoes: 

  • Start breaking in about four weeks before race day
  • Get about 40-60 miles on them including one long run 

Race day clothing:

  • Nothing new on race day- including fuel/fluid belts, waist packs/pouches, socks, shoes, hat, clothing 
  • Test run 2-3 outfits according to weather/temp so one is ready to go on race day; test for comfort and chafing *When testing new clothing wash it first 
  • Bring a toss away layer to the race to stay warm/dry in the corral 

The final long run:

  • Dress rehearsal, treat it like it’s race day 
  • Be diligent about nutrition for several days leading up to the run 
  • Practice your race day morning routine: foods, driving, parking, bathroom 
  • Wear race day socks, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, belt, body glide for chafing 
  • Start slowly to warm up and find an easy, happy pace; goal is to feel like you could run 2 or a few more miles at the end because on race day you will need to Be prepared for blisters, chafing, sore toenails, sore muscles- all potential “side effects”
  • After the run be sure to feed your body well and hydrate 
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